An edgy dive bar with subliminal punk and surf influences, SurfaRosa, established 2017, is the only bar of its kind in the Mother City. A little bar with a big personality, think hot Hawaiian-themed nights, ice cold beer on tap and pineapple on your pizza. The vibe is laid-back and the music is loud. Just what the doctor ordered.

The crowd, on any given night, is a vibrant mix of lively locals, rowdy regulars and thirsty travellers and the bar comes complete with late-night philosophical, all-knowing, quirky bar staff. Everything you’ve come to expect from a favourite dive bar.

The space is located on the ground floor of 61 Harrington Street and opens up onto an outdoor patio. It was built to serve as a neighbourhood drinkery, a place to start off a good night or be the backdrop to a great night. A place where one and all can gather in a casual environment.

All of this. With pizza.

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