Harringtons, a classic cocktail lounge, restaurant and boutique bar, evokes a feel of otherworldly opulence and style. The vibe is easy and laid-back, set in a cool environment with a distinct air of sophistication.

The space is located at 61 Harrington Street, overlooking the bustling nightlife of the area. Wide panoramic windows allow for a dynamic view of the neighbourhood and provides the perfect perch on which to sit back, relax and lose yourself in our tasty libations, craft cocktails and tantalising tapas.

The lush, inviting décor of Harringtons include beautifully polished wooden accents, large windows and velvet bottle service booths. The dedicated smoking lounge and a boutique DJ booth completes the lush feel of good fortune, making Harringtons the perfect backdrop to well-into-the-night frivolity.

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